Why we need a SDG 18

Why we need a SDG 18
Julia Samson, Co-Founder of Global Futurist Initiative, attends 2019 New York City Climate Strike with Greta Thunberg

Thank you for visiting us! We will be launching officially on October 11th, but in the meantime, have a look around and read about our reason for being. If you are interested in getting involved, reach out to us at sdg18voices@internetbar.org.

Our Purpose:

The world immediately needs a powerful trust-building force with the vision to build young global leaders and sustainable youth movement to assure that every human being is treated with dignity and the planet we live on is loved and cared for. Across the world, however, youth are being dubbed “lost generations.” We are spending the prime years of our education and workforce entry during an economic cataclysm, social fragmentation, political unrest, and the continually impending threat of the climate crisis.

Due to these challenges, we believe, as the future of our world, that sustainability is a holistic requirement that we must urgently demand in order to safeguard our future. But we need to ask ourselves, why are youth not prioritized or valued for their contributions to global discourse on the impending future that impacts them the most?

New York City Climate Strike 2019 with Greta Thunberg

Our youth are uniquely united to protect our future global circumstances like no prior generation needed to be. The globalization facilitated by technology and digitization has served as a means for intellectual and informational proliferation, arguably the most successful human innovation of our time. Through this unprecedented exposure to new perspectives and lived experiences, we have developed unparalleled, macroscopic empathy. We feel that this integration into a globalized community has given us a cogent sense of global civic responsibility which is a perspective needed for designing global agendas and mandates.

Our "youthful idealism" as the United Nations puts it, means that we are willing to challenge the status quo from within and break the tenets of traditional systems to make transformational, lasting change. With that mindset, we have incredible potential to offer new views for shaping trends and strategies. When striving to drive implementation, however, it is difficult to be confronted with such severe crises like climate change and not feel paralyzed by its sheer enormity. Within sustainability itself, entities have their own goals, agendas, and crises; it is almost too easy to be consumed by the narrower scope of all these issues.

In response to both addressing sustainable development and social progress, we the youth need to be a symbol of a worldwide effort with an approach from a personal level, starting with the most disenfranchised. We need aim to elevate our contributions to sustainable development the way in which us as youth view to be the necessary way for success. It is through expressing those authentic experiences and connections to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, particularly to an original “SDG 18 Youth Equity” that we can make this youth voice apparent. This can be done by equipping and elevate young and young-of-mind individuals to systematically generate impact and awareness for social progress and sustainable development.

"SDG 18 Youth Equity"

Our vision is to see a world of young global futurists to sustain our future. With over 1 billion youth today and over 200 million not in education, employment or training, unlocking such potential is not only beneficial but critical to the sustainability of all life. This vision will only be possible, however, through our first principles that we look to for shaping the community we organize.

The United Nations Security Council resolutions 2250 (2015) and 2419 (2018) recognize that young people can be agents of change and call for greater opportunities for meaningful youth engagement in decision-making at all levels. We are here to answer this call, and by being part of our global mission, your voice will be heard and be valued. We will empower each other to change the world before us and sustain the world to come!